Composing and Designing a Japanese SCA Scroll

The Queen’s Prize Tournament for Calontir was this past weekend, and my entry was the process behind how I did the Calon Cross scroll for Saito Takauji. Here is a link to the documentation: Composing and Designing a Japanese SCA Scroll.

Award Scroll for Saito Takauji

It was an exciting and emotional day. One of my friends, Giraude Benet, was asked to join the Order of the Laurel. Another friend, Ysabel de la Oya, won the Queen’s Prize, and a third friend was awarded the Golden Calon Swan (an AOA-level arts award) that was from another design of mine. I got very good feedback on my entry, and got to see several other fascinating entries as well.

Photo credit: Vilhelm Lich (Edward Hauschild)

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