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小鳥の歌 100

More Crabapple blooms

Will you remember
These shy blossoms peeking out?
This bluest of skies?
In long years unimagined
Will you treasure this moment?

link: recall to remember

Thus ends the Kotori no Uta 小鳥の歌 (Little Bird’s Song), my first hyakushu (100 poem linked sequence), which I began on September 1st, 2016. Each poem has been linked to the previous one, either by word or by theme progression.

小鳥の歌 98

The blossomed branches
Shiver under a blanket
Of freshly-fallen snow
Love’s tender bud withering
At your wintery welcome

Link: branches to branches

Note: according to Grammarly, wintry, wintery, and winterly are all acceptable spellings. While they say that wintry is more common, for some reason, I’ve used to it being wintery. Wintry looks weird to my eyes. But yes, I did look it up to be sure!